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777 Collective is committed to pursuing the art of storytelling in order to love fearlessly, carry hope, and stoke curiosity. I’m using basic messages to empower the storyteller. Brokenness is made beautiful here. I crave to bring light to the dark reaches of the world one product at a time. I set the stage. All you need to do is live out your story as best and as honest as you can.

P E O P L E  +  S T O R I E S  +  C R E A T I V I T Y  =  V O I C E


Every company has an origin story. This story came about on April 12, 2012 with the sudden death of my older brother, Josiah, when he was only 21 years old. My younger brother Levi and I were left with nothing but memories of him—memories of his kindness, his passion, and his true authenticity. We thought we would grow old together. But God had a different plan. He was just beginning to write a story of Josiah's legacy in our lives. On Josiah's left wrist, he had a tattoo of the number 777, a number referenced in the Bible as God's number of perfection. This number has become a symbol that we remember our brother by. But even more, this number points us back to the fact that the God in whom we serve is the God of the most perfect love. He is the Author of everyone's narrative.

Wherever this journey takes us, we are empowered by this undeniable truth:
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” ~2 Corinthians 12:9


Levi and I founded our brand upon the belief that everybody is a storyteller and that each story matters. The truth is that God handpicked each person's narrative for a purpose and it is our desire to not only share our story, but also to create a platform for other people to share theirs. When we choose a life where we share stories, we get to become part of one another's lives, stepping foot into the chaos and the mess of life. But there is a greater story: a story of hope, redemption, grace, and eternal joy. This story is a free gift, and it is up to us to choose to become a part of it. That is why your voice matters.


What you wear is an extension of self—who you are. In simplest form, it is who you want people to see you as. However, culture can promote an “idealized” or narrow portrayal of appearance. Whether we succumb to it or not, the “sex appeal” of fashion (even moderately) can take precedence in our lives. Yes, clothing is an avenue of expression. But it should express our inward beauty and a comfort of the skin we are in. Our flaws, our blemishes, and our scars make us who we are.

And so this lifestyle brand is meant to contribute towards this expression. I don’t want to simply participate in fashion trends. Let’s dream beyond the norm. I want to push for truth and meaning that is timeless. I seek to tap in the lives of real storytellers who are unashamedly raw with their stories. End of story.

~Ben Dulay, Founder


Chief storyteller


Chief storyteller

"Hey, I'm Ben Dulay, Chief Storyteller at 777 Collective. Through our brand, we give people a voice. After the loss of my brother 5 years ago, I found my voice. And so now, I use clothing as an opportunity for others to find theirs. Here's a brand I've committed to telling true stories and to tell them well."

Ben is a San Diego native who earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design at San Diego State University. He is a Christ-follower, a dreamer and a realist, an ISFP. He is a sucker for romance films such as About Time, The Vow, and La La Land. You can find him at a coffee shop, behind a camera (, playing piano or guitar in your living room, or at the next friend's wedding. Sleeping At Last and Jon Foreman are quick ways to his heart.

Current Favorite Verse
“Love from the center of who you are; don't fake it.” ~Romans 12:9 MSG

Words to Inspire
Never lose your wonder.