777 Collective has been a journey of a little over six months since its launch. A lot of opportunities to grow, collaborate, and create have undergone and are always taking shape.

We have found ourselves embracing the creative minds of artists local and out-of-state through everything that we can get our hands on. It is crazy how Instagram itself has helped open many of those doors. That has included participation in a four day Socality conference where my brother Levi and I gained a greater awareness of what running a clothing company really is about - community, changing lives, and making a lasting impact.

People have the capability to inspire you. Real relationships have depth and meaning. The presence of healthy community becomes evident in our lives.

This company has allowed us to see the world differently, and for that we are grateful. I have met interns from Krochet Kids International and even went on a photoshoot with Zoey who helps with their photography department. And this weekend, I will be driving up for The Simply Beloved's photoshoot that will be featuring some of our new products (soon to be released) for their new online magazine. Thanks to Karissa for being such a great connection and encouragement to me. We don't deserve these collaborations. But we are truly blessed by the doors that have opened. God is good.

To us, all we want is to write this story, to look back and see that somehow and someway, we made an impact. And so we are still learning. We are still figuring out what getting a group of flawed individuals together really looks like. But we do know that we are created to create. We can say that so far that this time of growth is working and oh so worth it.

We have brand new apparel soon to come. We wanted to update you with what God has been doing here. I am so incredibly excited to see where this goes during our first holiday season and into this next year of 2016. Keep praying for us and doing whatever that you can to be of support: rep our clothes, spread the word, take pics of our products that we will definitely repost, give us feedback, recommendations, or ideas, ask to model, we are open.

And let us not forget our new Personals page is making its debut in the near future. This will be a place to embrace the community aspect of storytellers and their stories, something we have envisioned since the start of this incredible journey. We simply love people and want to give them a moment to be celebrated.

Stay tuned Storyteller for more things and even a chance to tell a piece of your story. Remember that we are all in this story together. We cannot do it alone.

Make everything count. For you never know what is a stepping stone for a brighter tomorrow.

- Ben Dulay, Storyteller