Telling stories can be intimidating, especially when you are prompted to tell your story. See, sometimes the weight of our past seems so heavy that we are afraid to even touch the subject. But the whole idea behind becoming narrator to our lives is to admit that we are all imperfect individuals. We have flaws, poor judgements, and insecurities. However, that means that we are not alone in possessing accident-prone characteristics. Everyone has their moments. I don't know about you, but that should encourage us to speak up and simply be who we are meant to be. A life full of comparing and falling short to be someone we are not is just not worth it. Sure it is good to admire those of particular success, talent, and gifting that surround us. The moment we start obsessing over how we need their qualities to be socially appraised is when we lose sight of who we are. Our culture is hungry for appraisal. But appraisal should not solely feed off of social requirements.

Storyteller, let me remind you that when your story is spoken, others listen. Even when you feel like you are getting repetitious and no one cares, others still listen. Why are we doing this? Why are we telling our story in the form of a clothing brand? Well we have an audience. So here is your platform to do the same.

Comment below about a time when your story changed a life.

- Ben Dulay, storyteller

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