Hey there Storyteller, what do you think about on July Fourth as you go about the day spent with family and friends? American flags, Founding Fathers, stars and stripes, barbecues, parades, fireworks, cute themed pictures, traffic, etc.

More than wearing red, white, and blue, this holiday resembles the beginning of a nation 239 long years ago. It symbolizes the journey of a group of revolutionaries signing a Declaration of Independence where it all started. See, ever since America was a little rookie of a country, people owned up to living out their stories. Stories got them across the Atlantic, stories got them to start a new life, stories led to not being afraid to fail and get back up again, and stories to this day are being told about this country. We are no perfect people. We are human after all. But in reflection to humble beginnings, 777 Collective finds inspiration in America’s story. It took a lot of fervor and zealousness to come this far. And as a result, we strive for the same.

So we from 777 Collective hope your Independence Day weekend is full of joy, laughter, and just feeling blessed to live in this great country. Here’s to red, white, blue, and freedom that reigns true.

P.S. Stay tuned for summer tank tops soon to come to our store. Big things lie ahead for us. We appreciate all of your support and prayers!

- Ben Dulay, storyteller