What does "You Are Enough" mean to you?

“You are enough” is a small sentence that can make a big difference, and should be the anthem of our society. Inadequacy is an everyday battle for me, personally, along with just about everyone on the planet, and to hear the words “you are enough” is to shut down the lies and feelings of not being good enough. It is an anthem of truth to combat the deeply-rooted lies of inadequacy and shame. 

Share a story that affirmed this truth in your life.

A couple years ago, I was intensely struggling with not feeling as though grace could cover the mistakes I had made in the past, and I began to base my identity and value on my past mistakes. I shared this with someone who asked, even though I barely knew them and it was uncommon for me to open up quickly. Her response was, “Your value is set in stone. Nothing good you do will increase your value, nor will any mistake decrease it. Your value has never changed, and is never going to. You have always been enough.” My life hasn’t been the same since then, and not only do and get to remind myself of that truth, but I’ve had the chance to remind others of it, too. 


What one encouragement would you like to leave our readers?

- While it may feel as though your value has been tainted, broken, or diminished, cling to the truth that the perfect Father always says “you are enough.”


Wow, that's powerful! Ever since I met Sammy a few years back, I have seen her mature and grow into this value she mentioned above. She lives it out so well. I love seeing my friends pursue the very beauty that is within them. How do we begin to see ourselves worthy like Sammy does? How do we affirm that truth in those that we care about?

~Ben Dulay, Chief Storyteller of 777 Collective