Hey dear friends, Ben here. It’s been too long since I last posted across all platforms. I stepped away from this project to focus on myself and to live a better story than the one I was portraying here. The journey has been a wild one. But I’m grateful for the learning and the refining that it gave me.

And now I’m back. I’m ready to step into new designs for 777 that will be built around unity, community, and celebration. I hope you haven’t moved on. I hope that even in my absence, you have taken initiative to wear your shirts proudly and to encourage the hurt and the lonely people in the world. In fact, I know you have been doing just that. And I’m hopeful that together, we can love the cities we are called to. This is my dream.

With so much time passed since my last designs, new dreams have been dreamt. Things have changed and simplified. I know that I’m a different artist these days. But it has motivated me to freshen up this story.

And so in light of that, I’m excited to introduce “less is more.”


The message here is simple. We as humans take on so much. We carry the weight of life on our shoulders and think it’s always going to be that way. But what if there’s a better alternative? See, Less is More is about burdens made light. It’s about subtracting the things we can let go to have fuller, happier lives.

It reminds me of the simple gospel.

I hope this theme is a reminder of all things simple every time you wear it.

More tees are in the works. I can feel God stirring on some things that I never could think or imagine on my own. I hope you are just as stoked about them as I am. And as always, I love your feedback! Your voice is one of the most vital pieces to this project. Also, don’t forget to tag the company instagram @777_collective.

That’s it for now! Thanks for listening my friend. You are what makes this company so beautiful.

~Ben Dulay, Founder