SELAH - to pause or take a moment to contemplate, rest, or be silent. 

Today ended up a little differently than expected. But it was a success. With my new Canon 6D, I got to adventure with this one along the coastline and adore God's beauty around us. Sometimes it's the spontaneity of adventure-seekers that bring us on journeys like these. We so much want the next high, the next big moment. However, how can we know the trivial, if we don't know how to take the small steps?

Selah means to pause or take a moment to contemplate, rest, or be silent. It is used in poetry and song and is found in the book of Psalms. But the exact definition is unclear. What we can take from this reoccurrence in Scripture is that pauses are good, real, and something to be cherished.


"Selah to me is a reminder to pause in between the busYness of life."

"I would say that doing the photoshoot was definitely out of my comfort zone originally, but as time went on I began to enjoy it much more, and the spontaneity of it also added an element of excitement as well. Also, I think the location truly embodied the word Selah - with the rhythm of the waves and the smell of the salty air its hard not to feel at ease, like all my present worries were being washed away." ~Itze

Sometimes I think we forget to truly rest and let the power of silence give us room to think. I believe we need to allot time to sort out our dreams and future goals. But we need to value the good that rest brings us. We need to see that it's necessary for our health, our mind, and our soul. We need a little more of what Selah represents. Even music has its rests and its breaks between melody and verse. So that when the music resumes, every note has its place, every resounding sound is in harmony - a masterpiece in itself. 

Let's take a moment and as Itze said, let the present worries wash away.

How will YOU SEEK REST IN your story?

Photoshoot Details
Clothing - Ladies' Selah Tank
Model - @panditaitze
Location - Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

Based on a true story
~Ben Dulay, Storyteller